Guided tour


This exhibition also serves as a useful teaching aid for exploring art and history, and sharing these things with children and schools. The presentation of the models, manuscripts, drawings, etc. and the use of specific pedagogic tools, such as games, manual activities and books, offer young people a playful introduction to the world of Leonardo da Vinci and the age in which he lived: the Renaissance.


The exhibition is conceived with schools in mind. Its pedagogic aids and interactive manual implements are intended to stimulate the imagination, educate the eye and capture the child’s interest by allowing him to do things the way Leonardo did,thereby gaining a better understanding of his work. In other words, children will be able to look at, handle and 'decode' the works and machinesby themselves. This is art for growth by learning about others and about yourself; art as entertainment; art for better understanding our world, society, the image it conveys and why; art that can be dissected and analyzed, so that we can better appreciate it.

Within the scenography of the exhibition, the panels have been specially designed and the games specially created for children. Every school can also download free of charge a booklet that contains all the games for its pupils. Schools and families can likewise download an original pedagogic folder, either to prepare for their visit or to continue their exploration once back at home. All downloads are completely free.